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Post 51 - Arcturian Prayer of Protection


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Blessings to you all!

This Prayer of Protection DOES NOT remove reptilians from inside you. That is an entirely different and more involved process. The wording of the prayer was provided by the Arcturians. You don’t need to say it out loud. Communication with the Arcturians is mostly telepathic, so just “talking” to them in your mind is sufficient. Remember to be extremely respectful and noteful of them as you request this help, ask politely ;3

I would also request to them to check for, not just reptilians, but any malevolents, like when you try to see (energetic/etheric, like said in the prayer) threads connecting you to everyone you have ever thought of, and then using a sword or your hand to cut through them, or imagining them fading attachments, and removing energetic chords of other people.

{discarnates: mentioned below, are people who have not "crossed over"/reincarnated but stayed without a body and as use/slaves/mind controlled by the reptilians, who see humans as lower/inferior to them, so like their toys}

So, not just removal of Reptilians from you, but also, from demons, attachments, discarnates negative etheric cords, karma cords, the controlling karma demon, and anything else that appears negative and holding you back from being positive.

You could request a clearing of your home (including their portals, eggs, and chip/homing device) work or school, vehicles and pets if any, and genetics. And an uplifting of the energy there and in your being.
It is essential to cleanse a residence/home after a person receives a Divine Healing; otherwise you may return to a “contaminated” home and get swarmed with them, or have attachments once again {pointlessly} so please also ask for this. You can ask them to show signs of their presence if you feel unheard, have their image/s (eg Arcturus star/planet or the ships in our skies above your house) and intent in mind, but it is their own will.

Recite the prayer as often as you need to. On some occasions you will benefit from saying the prayer 10-20 times a day. At other times, you may not need to use it at all.

And while you're at it {!!} also ask them to send healling and energy into prana tubes for activating your energy/DNA/other things, and say that you are open for their downloads or just anything they feel would be good for you. They will know what to do and what is suitable :)

And {suggestion: bubble} shield yourself! (meditate on imagining an oval or pryamid around your body made of light for 5 minutes in a routine) Or ask for healling and shielding from angels/archangels/ETs.


You can also pray for your friends, but if they are not open to the ETs, then they will not go against anyone's will, they do not force anything on you because they are loving and respectful people. My mom is not open to them, so I think she is someone who is hard to help. They need permission, not just because of karmic law, but non-interference, where they won't help you without /you/ being the person to ask them first, even though they are open to helping you, just now, you need to be open to them! So you can declare your openness to them, if you wish.


The Arcturians call themselves a "blue" race and have been described as having turquoise/aqua coloured skin, but I have also heard of dark blue or "indigo beings" (slightly purple-seeming) from my own experience, and others have described them as having beige or green skin (as little green men)

As usual,
Love and light from icem <3 {starseed}
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